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TYPHON BLX Radio Controlled Car


The TYPHON 6S Speed Buggy is the ultimate performance 4WD bashing machine. Capable of tackling the most challenging conditions, from your local race track to a mud drenched bashing spot, the TYPHON 6S is packed with high-power features to blast you into new realms of RC fun.

60+mph / 96+km/h
Saleable Part #
Hobbico Saleable Part #
Mid Motor
510mm / 20.08"
328mm / 12.91"
27mm / 1.06"
310mm / 12.2"
306mm / 12.05"
190mm / 7.48"
3.27kg / 7lbs 3oz
158x51x46mm / 6.22×2.01×1.81"
2 Year Limited

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The ARRMA TYPHON 6S Speed Buggy is a 1/8 scale electric Buggy that is designed for high-speed multi-terrain RC action.
Equipped and ready for the most extreme RC action, the TYPHON 6S benefits from race-quality aluminium Shock Absorber bodies, anodised aluminium Shock Towers and Chassis Plate, Pivot Ball front suspension design and ultra-tough composite components, meaning that the TYPHON 6S will attack any terrain, in any conditions.

The TYPHON 6S has been specially designed to allow you to lift it straight out of the box, add a LiPo Battery of your choice, up to 6S, and hit the parking lot, race track, skate park or sand dunes. If you are looking for the most extreme fun and enjoyment you can find in RC, at an incredible price for the specification of the package, the TYPHON 6S Speed Buggy is made for you.

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The TYPHON 6S will command any surface, allowing you to punch the throttle and power-slide around corners with ease.

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Aggressive styling, super-tough components, ultra-lightweight red anodised aluminium and high-power BLX Brushless electronics. The TYPHON 6S is the ultimate Speed Buggy.

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Balance and control in any environemnt are the TYPHON's trademark attributes. Hit the dirt, blast across the parking lot, challenge your friends at the local race track. The TYPHON 6S can handle it all.

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High-traction dBoots Tyres and super-cool ARRMA multi-spoke black wheels provide fast-paced acceleration and superior handling on all surfaces.

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Blistering speed, superior strength and race-ready handling characteristics. The TYPHON is 6S capable straight from the kit box.

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The ARRMA TYPHON 6S is equipped with a super-tough nylon rear wing that provides maximum downforce at high-speed and race-ready agility for low-speed cornering.
The TYPHON 6S pre-painted aerodynamic Body Shell design completes a striking look.

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Launch for the sky with consistent control. The TYPHON 6S is capable of hitting huge jumps and landing the most extreme manoeuvres.

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Oil-filled Big Bore Shock Absorbers provide advanced tuning options and super-smooth handling on the roughest terrains.
The TYPHON 6S is ready for high-speed runs on asphalt, whoop-clearing jumps at your local race track, or dirt blasting bashing sessions at your favourite off-road spot.

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16mm Red anodised, aluminium body Shock Absorbers with race-specification Shock Pistons take care of the roughest surfaces. The TYPHON 6S is capable of improving your driving skills as you learn more advanced vehicle set-up tricks.

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You will become the instant envy of your friends as you take-charge of the obstacles and blast through the roughest terrains.

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The TYPHON 6S is engineered to provide an ultra-low centre of gravity, meaning it handles like a race vehicle, no matter what environment you choose to drive in. The internal electronics are mounted as low as possible to the aluminium Chassis Plate. This achieves the lowest centre of gravity possible, providing consistent high-speed handling.
The super-tough composite Chassis Side Pods will help protect your electronic components, stopping the dirt and water ingress when the action is intense.

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With super-tough composite Chassis Side Guards and black anodised aluminium Chassis Plate, the internal electronics are kept safe and secure during high-speed bashing action.

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An ultra-strong front and rear Chassis Brace system provides the perfect balance between rigidity and agile handling characteristics. Large diameter Drive Shafts help transfer the awesome power created by the equipped BLX Brushless power system.

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The BLX Brushless 2050kv Motor is mounted on a lightweight red anodised aluminium Motor Mount. The BLX180 6S capapble ESC unit is securely Chassis mounted with neat and hassle-free wiring for fast and easy servicing and cleaning.

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The equipped 2050kv BLX Brushless Motor, combined with the BLX180 Waterproof ESC, provide pulse-racing acceleration, taking you beyond previous speed limits.
Challenging new environments with the ability to blast through dirt, mud and water, the TYPHON 6S is made for RC adrenalin junkies!

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5mm black anodised aluminium front and rear Shock Towers are super-tough and durable, meaning you can be confident that your TYPHON 6S can shake off the tumbles when your stunts get extreme.

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The TYPHON 6S has a wide selection of advanced tuning options, including upper and lower Shock Mount positions, allowing you to adjust your Buggy to suit your driving style or chosen surface.
Designed for extreme RC action, the TYPHON 6S is built for speed, high jumps and jaw-dropping power slides on dirt, mud, asphalt, snow and beyond.

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The TYPHON 6S 2.4Ghz ARX-100 Radio Receiver is protected from the elements inside a gasket-sealed waterproof Radio Box.
Easily removed from the TYPHON 6S Chassis during servicing, this super-tough composite Radio Box will keep your TYPHON 6S running throughout the year, no matter what weather conditions you are faced with.

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Red anodised aluminium 16mm Shock Absorbers, equipped with high-quality rubber Shock Shaft Boots for super-smooth operation in mud and dirt.
Fully threaded Shock Bodies will allow you to fine-tune your TYPHON 6S suspension set-up, allowing for advanced handling choices and consistent performance on a wide variety of surfaces.

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The TYPHON 6S is equipped with a red anodised aluminium Steering Top Plate for increased structural strength and awesome ARRMA looks.
Combined with a super-tough black anodised aluminium Steering Servo Horn and specially designed wire capture clips, the TYPHON 6S is built for extreme RC action.

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The TYPHON 6S 2050kv BLX Brushless Motor is factory fitted to a precision manufactured, red anodised aluminium Motor Mount. This durable mounting system will keep your BLX Motor cool during high-performance operation, and provides a strong and secure fitting point for the ARRMA power system during the bashing action.

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The fitted high-performance black nylon Wing provides increased stability at high speeds and consistent handling agility during jumps and slow speed cornering.
Specially designed to look cool when hitting the dirt and increase performance of your TYPHON 6S on a wide range of surfaces.

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The TYPHON 6S is easy to service, with easy-access front and rear Diff Cases that will make tuning and cleaning fast and hassle-free.
Super-strong steel internal Gears will provide increased performance and extended durability when the bashing action is extreme.

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The TYPHON 6S benefits from a super-strong middle Differential unit. This will provide fast and consistent handling characteristics on all surfaces.

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The TYPHON middle Diff unit is equipped with an ultra-tough steel Spur Gear for long-lasting durability and consistent Gear mesh set-up. You can tune all three Diff units with your choice of oil, allowing you to adjust the handling characteristics of your TYPHON 6S.

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With the ability to easily accommodate 6S LiPo Battery Cells in a single or multiple configuration, the spacious Battery Tray also features adjustable spacers that will allow you to tune your Battery position. These easy-to-use Battery Spacers will also allow you to run 4S LiPo Battery Cells with a small adjustment, making the TYPHON 6S Battery Tray super-versatile.

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Loaded with the BLX 2050KV Brushless Motor and waterproof BLX180 ESC, the TYPHON 6S is built for awesome speed, in all conditions.
The fully waterproof Radio Receiver Box and ADS-15M Metal Geared Steering Servo complete the premium-quality electronics that will keep you driving to the limit, and beyond!

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Get close to the BLX Brushless action with the ultimate Speed Buggy. The TYPHON 6S is designed for jaw-dropping RC action, straight from the kit box.

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The BLX Brushless 1/8 scale Motor features a red aluminium heat-sink to dissipate heat during high-performance bashing.
With a rating of 2050kv, this ARRMA Motor is designed to provide breath-taking speed and super-efficient power control in any conditions.

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The ARRMA BLX180 ESC is fully waterproof and features simple push-button programming for a fast and easy set-up.
Capable of running up to 6S LiPo Battery Cells, with awesome control and cool operating temperatures, this 180A ESC unit will handle extreme power and super-fast speeds.
The installed fan will force cool air across the electronic components to keep your TYPHON 6S running smoothly, no matter what the conditions.

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The ADS-15M Steering Servo benefits from metal gears and is fully waterproof.
To provide fast and consistent steering response, the ADS-15M has 15KG/cm (208oz/inch) of torque at 7.2v.
At 41x20x38 in size, this high-power Steering Servo is compact and capable.

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The TYPHON 6S is equipped with multi-surface high-traction dBoots Tyres and black multi-spoke ARRMA Wheels. Perfect for mud,dirt,asphalt,sand,snow and any other surface you choose to attack.

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The TYPHON 6S is built around a solid 3mm thick anodised black aluminium Chassis Plate. This super-tough platform has precision manufactured Screw mounting holes for fast and easy servicing.
Ultimate Strength and cool race-ready looks, this aluminium Chassis Plate will withstand the most extreme bashing action.

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Designed to be fast, designed to be tough.
With durability and light-weight performance as key design features, the TYPHON 6S is equipped with super-tough composite parts, meaning you can hit the terrain with confidence.
The TYPHON 6S will allow you to push the limits of speed and performance, equipped with high-quality electronics that are capapble of handling 6S LiPo power, straight from the kit box.

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Red anodised aluminium parts are used throughout the ARRMA 1/8 scale vehicle range, adding cool ARRMA looks and consistent fitting and removal during servicing.
Reduced weight in areas of the vehicle construction provide even greater power to weight performance, straight from the kit box.

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The ATX-100 Radio Transmitter and ARX-100 Radio Reciever will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style Radio Transmitter.
Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.

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A high-quality 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and receiver, wheels and high-performance dBoots tires, waterproof ESC and steering servo and a pre-painted bodyshell are all included as standard.

Please check the vehicle specifications for exact details of what is included in the box and what is required to get your ARRMA vehicle running.

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Fully waterproof ESC, steering servo and radio receiver box are standard. This means that hitting the roughest terrains, in the most extreme conditions, will be no problem. Rain, mud, snow, dirt and anything else you want to bash your way through.

ARRMA waterproof electronics are ready for action.

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ARRMA will support your investment for two years. With our impressive limited warranty helping to keep you running for longer.

Visit our Support page to learn more about this great feature.

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ARRMA make it easy for you to learn what it takes to increase the speed of your vehicle. Follow our easy-access upgrade path and push your ARRMA vehicle to the limit, and beyond.
Parts shown in this vehicle specific Speed Card will allow you to safely upgrade your gearing, power system and battery cell choice as your driving skills develop.

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Vekt 6900 g
Dimensjoner 70 × 40 × 40 cm


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