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Tamiya LAFERRARI (TT-02)


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The LaFerrari is the latest hi-tech super car from the world-famous Ferrari sport car automaker. It was announced by the Italian company in March 2013 and features active aerodynamics, whereby spoilers and other parts automatically adjust to provide optimal down-force, based on performance data collated internally by the car. The HY-KERS hybrid system makes use of Formula One technology, its 6,262cc V12 engine and an electric motor combining to give 963hp. Unlike your typical hybrid passenger car, the LaFerrari is considered a “mild-hybrid” car. Mild hybrids are essentially conventional vehicles with some degree of hybrid hardware, but with limited hybrid feature utilization. Only 499 of the limited edition vehicle will be produced, so it may prove to be a hard car to purchase on a whim. Prospective owners do have an alternative. The next best thing is to acquire the Tamiya R/C high performance car model! 


This is a fully factory assembled and ready-to-run R/C model of the LaFerrari. The painted and finished super detailed polycarbonate body is mated to the easy to maintain TT-02 4WD on-road chassis platform. The TT-02 chassis features a 4WD drive drive-train with fully independent double wishbone suspension. The pre-installed 2-channel radio gear system operates on 2.4Ghz technology which allows you to run your vehicle anywhere without the need to worry about other R/C enthusiasts nearby.

The TT-02 is the new standard in Tamiya’s entry level cars. The chassis has the battery pack and motor placed longitudinally on the left and right sides of the chassis respectively. The skid-shaped lower deck enables a greater roll movement range during cornering, and the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with identical left/right suspension arms and uprights, making maintenance and assembly a simple task. The drivetrain features a motor mount which allows up to 10 different gear ratios as well as front and rear enclosed gearboxes equipped with resin 4-pinion differentials. In addition, 2-types of ground clearance and wheelbase length are possible by altering parts position, making it a flexible machine too.

◾Scale : 1/10
◾Construction type : RTR (Ready-to-Run)
◾Terrain use : on-road
◾Drive-train : 4WD
◾Drive type : shaft
◾Drive line : dog bone
◾Differential type : gear
◾Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
◾Steering mechanism : bell-crank
◾Shock damper : friction damper
◾Shock damper material : plastic
◾Tire type : rubber
◾Tire tread : slick
◾Body material : Polycarbonate
◾Chassis material : plastic
◾Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : included
◾ESC model : TEU-105BK
◾LED Light buckets : no
◾LED lights : no
◾Motor : 540-brushed type
◾Bearings : plastic bushing
◾Adjustable camber : fixed
◾Adjustable toe angles : front only
◾Adjustable ground clearance : yes
◾Adjustable gear ratio : yes
◾Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
◾Adjustable track width : fixed
◾Adjustable shock angle : yes
◾Special feature 1 : TT-02 Chassis
◾Special feature 2 : Tamiya Finespec 2.4GHz R/C system is pre-installed.
◾Special feature 3 : TEU-105BK ESC (equipped with BEC) comes pre-installed.
◾Special feature 4 : Painted and finished body set.
◾Requires A : 7.2 battery & charger
◾Requires B : AA batteries





Vekt 3000 g
Dimensjoner 53 × 28 × 32 cm


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