Speed Epoxy II 4 min. 224g DELUXE


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Epoxy speed 4 min. 224g DELUXE

Absolute top quality, cures clear.

Delivery to new Kuststoffflaschen with the new “Witches” closure for safe resealing after use.

Speed ​​Epoxy is a clear, very fast drying 2-component epoxy adhesive with high adhesive strength for universal, time-saving application. The adhesive cures hard and then can also be geschliefen.

Bonds metal, wood, fiberglass, ABS, hard plastic, glass and porcelain. Also suitable for polystyrene. The crystal clear bonds are resistant to fuel, oil and water.

Depending on requirements, lot of different container sizes are available.


Resin and hardener mix well to equal volumes and then process them. Drying time is about 4 – 6 minutes longer at low processing temperature.


Keep the adhesive in a cool, dry environment and expose it to direct light. Speed ​​Epoxy II is about 1-2 years shelf life.

For bonding Poylesterharzteilen DELUXE Fusion Acrylite Order no. use 44014


Vekt 300 g
Dimensjoner 18 × 10 × 6 cm


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