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Product Description

The Power Peak FUN is an intelligent charger with convenient battery management, designed for charging NC, NiMH and Lithium batteries.

The Power Peak FUN can be used to charge and discharge NC and NiMH batteries consisting of 1 to 24 cells. The Delta Peak method is used to terminate the charge process
when the battery is fully charged. The unit can also charge up to six series-wired Lithium
cells. When the LiPo battery is fully charged, the process is terminated automatically
using a voltage-dependent cut-off method.

The Power Peak FUN offers a wide charge current range of 0.1 to 6.5 A, making it ideal
for slow-fly batteries and transmitter and receiver packs as well as for large drive batteries
or flight packs. The high charge current is particularly important, as it provides for
short charge times when used with high-capacity LiPo batteries.

The main feature of the Power Peak FUN is the ground-breaking Battery Identification System (BID). A vast array of different battery types is now available to the modeller, and the range is constantly expanding; the problem is that each battery type requires its “own” charge process. It can happen so quickly: you switch the system on with the wrong settings – and in a moment your valuable battery is damaged.
The revolutionary BID system from robbe now offers an ingenious solution to this problem. A small, lightweight BID chip is assigned to each battery, and the chip stores all the relevant
data required for charging and discharging that pack perfectly.
When the battery is to be charged or discharged, the BID chip attached to the battery is connected to the Power Peak FUN, and the BID system transfers the required parameters to the charger.
Simply press the ‘MODE’ button to set the desired process, and the charge or discharge
process begins. No tiresome searching through menus for the set-up parameters, maximum protection from mis-handling, and storing of the relevant battery data in the BID chip
– those are the unique advantages of the BID system.

Since the essential information is stored in the BID chip, all the data required for safe,
optimum charging and discharging is always “on board” the battery, and can be displayed
on the charger at any time This means that you can obtain an up-to-date picture of the
battery’s condition without the need for PC software or computer technology.

Naturally the Power Peak Fun can also charge batteries not fitted with the BID system.
The unit then works as entirely normally, with the following functions:
• Charge,
• Discharge, and
• 1 or 3 x discharge -> charge, displaying all the charge parameters on the screen at the
same time

Operating voltage: 11 V … 15 V DC
12 V lead-acid battery, or a high-performance mains PSU (do not use a car battery charger!)

Cell count: 
1 … 24 NC / NiMH cells,
1 … 6 Lithium cells 

Charge current: 0.1 … 6.5 A (according to battery voltage); max. 130 W
0.1 … 6.5 A up to 20 V
0.1 … 4 A up to 25 V
0.1 … 3 A up to 30 V
0.1 … 2 A over 40 V

Discharge current: 0.1 … 6.5 A, NC and NiMH (max. 25 W)
Trickle charge current: 40 mA (NC and NiMH only)
Final discharge voltage: 0.8 V per cell, NC and NiMH, 2.8 V per cell, LiPo 

Charge termination:
NC / NiMH: Automatic, digital Delta Peak method
Lithium: Automatic, voltage-dependent
Protective functions: Reverse polarity protection (input / output), short-circuit pro
tection (output), overheating




Vekt 700 g
Dimensjoner 20 × 18 × 8 cm


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