Robbe DUO DISCUS 3m GFK with retract


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The full-size
The Duo Discus is a high-performance two-seat sailplane with a wingspan of 20 m. The aerodynamically efficient wings are fitted with winglets which contribute to improved performance when circling, especially at high angles of bank. The winglets also reduce the minimum sink rate.

The model
Like the full-size machine, our 1 : 6.5 scale model looks superbly elegant in the air. This is due to the forward-swept wings and the sweptback leading edge of the outboard panels. The wing section chosen for our Duo Discus combines amazingly good low-speed performance with downright breathtaking penetration, and offers very good all-round handling. This machine is a scale model which is just as much at home behind an aero-tow tug as it is on the winch and at the slope.

The model is supplied with the final finish already applied. The wings are produced in a mould, with ailerons cut out and integral winglets; the airbrakes are also factory-installed. The wing joiner components and retract system are already in place in the fuselage. The tailplane and rudder are also moulded GRP items. The clear canopy is supplied already bonded to the frame. The final work required to complete the aircraft is essentially limited to the installation of the receiving system components.
Set contents
•GRP fuselage with white-pigmented gelcoat
•Ready-made GRP wing panels, CFRP-reinforced
•Factory-fitted airbrakes
•Retract unit installed in fuselage
•GRP rudder and tailplane
•Vacuum-moulded canopy bonded to frame, trimmed to fit fuselage recess
•Factory-fitted canopy latch
•Vacuum-moulded seat shell
•Pre-cut self-adhesive stickers
•Wing joiners, linkage components and various small hardware items
•Multi-lingual illustrated instructions

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Fluggewicht ca.: 3000


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