R6008SP 2.4 GHz RASST receiver


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Frequenzkanäle: 36
Antennenlänge: 13
Kanalzahl: 8
Gewicht ca.: 13
Kanalraster: 2048


Product Details

With two aerials and diversity system. With extended range of more than 3000 m, making it sutable for large-scale flying machines. Where necessary, the 13 cm long aerials can be deployed outside the model if the fuselage or chassis is made of carbon fibre or metal.

Aserial output at the receiver requires special modules in the model which are capable of reading out the signal chain and processing it appropriately, e.g. the HC 3-Xtreme or Mini-V-Stabi, Mikrokopter, etc.
Conventional servos cannot be connected directly.

No crystals, no spot frequency selection and maximum security from same-channel interference thanks to 2.4 GHz RASST technology. High-speed Frequency Hopping for effective suppression of interference signals. High Intermediate Frequency of 800 MHz for immunity to general background interference. Integrated EASY-Link button for simple binding.
Can be used with all FASST transmitters with 8 channels or more when set to multi-channel mode.

Recommended accessories:
4090 GY520, HC3-X connecting lead, 65 mm
4091 GY520, HC3-X connecting lead, 90 mm
4092 GY520, HC3-X connecting lead, 140 mm
4093 GY520, HC3-X connecting lead, 215 mm
4096 GY520, HC3-X connecting lead, 500 mm


Vekt 200 g
Dimensjoner 14 × 10 × 6 cm


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