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High-performance home charging station with battery management and integral 200 Watt power-PSU. The Power Peak® QUAD 230V is a home charging station for charging and discharging NC, NiMH, LiFe, LiIo, LiPo and lead-acid batteries.
With four integral Equalizers and BID systems.

Product Details

The unit's wide charge current range of 0.1 to 5 A makes it suitable for small slow-fly models, transmitter and receiver batteries, as well as for large drive batteries and flight packs.
Each charging circuit has its own backlit LCD, its own keypad, as well as an Equalizer and BID socket.
Simultaneous but fully independent charging of four batteries.
Naturally it is possible to charge one battery type (4 x LiPo) and also different battery types (NC, NiMH, LiFe and LiPo), simultaneously and independently of each other. Clear display of charge parameters and battery data on the large, blue, backlit 2 x 16 character LCD screen.
The menu language can be selected from German, English and French.
The integrated Equalizer automatically balances the voltage level of the individual cells during the charge process. The Equalizer current is approximately 250 mA, which is sufficient even for batteries with capacities exceeding 5 Ah.
Simple, secure operation and automatic storage of the essential battery data in the robbe BID system (Battery IDentification system).
The special advantages of the BID system:

•Simply plug the BID key into the charger and start the charge process
•No need for tiresome charge parameter adjustments in menus
•Maximum protection from incorrect operation
•Storage of essential battery data on the BID chip or key
•Of course, the Power Peak® QUAD charger can also charge batteries not fitted with the BID system
•1 BID chip is included with the charger.

Functions available for all four outputs

•Discharge / charge 1 x
•Display of charged-in and discharged capacity
•Display of input voltage and charge voltage
•Display of individual cell voltages from Equalizer, optionally as summary (to two decimal places) or in list form (to three decimal places – 1/1000 Volt) resolution
•Ten internal battery data memories

NC / NiMH batteries

•1…14 cells
•The automatic digital Delta-Peak cut-off circuit switches off the charge process at the correct time, and is suitable for NC and NiMH batteries.

Lithium batteries, max. 9.9 Ah

•1…6 LiFe (3.3 V), LiIo (3.6 V) or LiPo (3.7 V) cells
•Individual cell voltage display for Lithium battery packs
•Automatic cut-off circuit based on the CC-CV charge process

Lead-acid batteries up to 20 Ah

•1…6 cells (2…12 Volt)
•Automatic cut-off circuit based on the CC-CV charge process

Charge currents at cell count:
3S = 5…3.9 A
6S = 2.5…2 A


Charge current: 4 x 0.1 – 5 A (max. 50 W)
Weight approx.: 1782 g
Input voltage: 230 V AC
Discharge current: 4 x 0.1 – 1 A (max. 5 W)
Additional technical data: Ten internal memories per output.
All outputs with Equalizer function and BID system.
No. of cells: 1 – 14 NC / NiMH cells
1 – 6 LiFe / LiIo / LiPo cells
1 – 6 Pb cells (lead-acid battery)
Charge termination: Automatic


1 x BID chip with connecting lead
1 x PQ equalizer adapter
1 x XH equalizer adapter
1 x TP equalizer adapter


Vekt 4000 g
Dimensjoner 32 × 30 × 12 cm


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