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Italieri Volvo FH16 XL “Viking” 1:24


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~~Volvo FH16 XL “Viking”

The series of VOLVO FH 16 Globetrotter tractors was introduced into the world market in the mid-1990’s, and to this day, thanks to a series of updates and style re-vamps, this vehicle is still one of the most popular in Europe. Thanks to the flexibility offered by its spacious high-ceiling cabin it guarantees reliability, as well as low petrol mileage and gas emissions. These tractors use heavy, three-axel semi-trailers to haul cargo over long distances. Many of these vehicles are decorated as true works of art, featuring attractive, unique designs representing a number of different themes tied to life on the road.






Vekt 2180 g
Dimensjoner 54 × 33 × 14 cm


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