Irvine 46 ABC Mk.IV


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Irvine 46 ABC Mk IV

Sharing the same external dimensions as its 40 size stable mate, the all new Irvine 46 MkIV delivers greater power for not a lot more cost.

Inside there is the very latest in ringless piston and liner technology, which is the result of many hours of computer design and extensive flight testing. The attention to detail lavished in the manufacturing processs ensures that you get the very best combination of power and engine life.

Irvine has buit its reputation on providing good quality, high performance engines that are just that bit different from the rest.

The completely new C40H carburettor moves the benchmark on from the reliable Jetstream designs and offers better mid range response without sacrificing top end power. Its substantially lighter as well.

The new Irvine 46 MkIV is again set to be one of the most popular sports engines in the UK.


Weight 390g
Displacement 7.45cc
Bore 22.0mm
Stroke 19.6mm
Power Output 1.65PS@16,000
Practical RPM 2,000-17,000




Vekt 600 g
Dimensjoner 15 × 10 × 12 cm


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