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GRANITE BLS Radio Controlled Car

The multi-award winning Monster Truck that is built for the roughest terrains and the highest jumps. Challenging new environments has never been so much fun. The GRANITE Monster Truck is ready for anything.

35+mph / 56+km/h
Saleable Part #
Hobbico Saleable Part #
Rear Motor
Monster Truck
420mm / 16.54"
287mm / 11.3"
50mm / 1.97"
339mm / 13.35"
342mm / 13.46"
200mm / 7.87"
1.92kg / 4lbs 4oz
157x48x27mm / 6.18×1.89×1.06"
2 Year Limited

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The ARRMA GRANITE 2WD Monster Truck is super-tough and built to attack the most demanding terrains.
You can expect obstacles to fall in the path of this precision designed Monster Truck. Hit the dirt, blast across the asphalt parking lot, speed through snow and mud, the GRANITE can handle everything.

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The multi-award-winning GRANITE is a firm favourite with RC fans who enjoy the ability to tackle big jumps and rough environments.
The big Wheels and Tyres of the GRANITE will make easy work of any surface. Making your GRANITE perform perfectly, no matter what you decide to throw at it.
You can challenge new driving styles, impress your RC friends with the awesome ability of the Truck that crowned 'The Bashers Choice' for two consecutive years running!

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Sporting a pre-painted Polycarbonate Body Shell, with detailed window and bumper decals, the GRANITE looks aggressive, straight from the kit box.

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Large-scale multi-surface dBoots Tyres provide awesome traction on a wide variety of surfaces.
Your GRANITE Monster Truck will always stay under control, allowing you to master advanced driving techniques quickly, just like the bashing Pros.

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A specially designed composite rear Motor Guard helps protect your BLS Brushless 4000kv Motor.

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The ARRMA GRANITE is built around our super-strong short wheelbase composite Chassis.
This can be upgraded at any point by adding the ARRMA aluminium TVP Chassis rails for increased stiffness and cool looks.

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Ready for any conditions, the GRANITE is perfect for new RC users who need a strong and reliable vehicle to develop their skills and enjoy the thrills and spills of ARRMA RC action.

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Super-tough Suspnesion Arms and steering components allow your GRANITE to scale the highest sand dunes and blast through mud and rocks.

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Equipped with the super-tough ARRMA composite Chassis for long-lasting durability and easy Battery Cell access, the GRANITE is designed around a solid and user-friendly monocoque.

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Oil-filled adjustable Shocks provide super-smooth suspension operation in all conditions. You can tune these units easily as you explore more advanced set-up options, creating a unique driving experience for your ARRMA vehicle.

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Ready to hit the terrain, straight from the kit box, the installed 2s LiPo-ready, 35A waterproof ARRMA ESC provides smooth and consistent power control in all conditions.

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Awesome BLS Brushless performance comes as standard. The 4000kv Brushless Motor provides speed and reliability in all conditions.

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The equipped ARRMA BLS 35A fully waterproof ESC unit, with built-in red aluminium heat sink, will provide smooth and efficient power control in all environments.
Capable of running up to 2S LiPo Battery Cells, the ARRMA BLS ESC will provides the perfect starting point for your journey to faster speeds.

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Fully adjustable Body Shell Mounts will allow you to tune the height of the Granite Polycarbonate Body Shell. This will allow you to gain a unique look for your Truck and increase or decrease the Body Shell position, depending on the terrain you are driving on.

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Oil-filled Shock Absorbers provide advanced tuning options and super-smooth handling on the roughest terrains.
The GRANITE is ready for high-speed runs on asphalt, whoop-clearing jumps at your local park, or dirt blasting bashing sessions at your favourite spot.

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Impact damage is soaked up by the high-quality composite parts. Designed to take the punishment, the GRANITE is the Truck to choose when your RC action is extreme.

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The GRANITE has a specially designed composite Pinion and Spur Gear Cover to help protect against dirt and debris.
This can easily be removed for fast servicing and Pinion Gear changes

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The super-durable composite Chassis has an easy-access Battery Compartment that will allow you to change your battery cells in seconds.

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The GRANITE benfits from an aluminium rear Shock Tower Brace to add greater strength and rigidity for high-impact landings.

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Adjustable Camber and Steering Links will allow you to tune your GRANITE for your specific driving style or chosen surface.
Manufactured from ultra-durable steel, they are fast and easy to adjust and built to handle hard landings.

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The ARRMA BLS Brushless 35A ESC is 2S LiPo capable and fully waterproof. Teamed with the BLS 4000kv Brushless Motor for increased performance and incredible value. Low maintenance Brushless BLS power is now available to everybody.

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The ADS-5 Steering Servo will provide fast and consistent steering response on the most demanding surfaces. This servo provides 5kg/cm (70oz/inch) of torque.

A waterproof servo case will keep your ARRMA vehicle handling correctly, even when the action gets wet.
With 5kg (70oz) of torque at 6v, this ADS-5 Steering Servo can reach full operating angle in just 0.12 seconds.

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The ARRMA 7 Cell 3300mAh 8.4 volt NiMh Battery Pack will provide your vehicle with consistent and long-lasting power supply.

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Our ARRMA multi-region wall Battery Charger is easy to use and will allow you the confidence to safely charge your ARRMA NiMh Cells ready for more bashing action.
Supplied with our special multi-region socket adaptor so you can travel to other parts of the world and still charge with no issues.

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Supplied with multiple wall socket adaptors for multi-region convenience, the ARRMA Multi-Region Charger is a safe and reliable way to charge your Battery Cells, in any location with a wall socket.

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The ARRMA radio box is fully waterproof and dustproof. Designed to keep your 2.4Ghz reciever safe, no matter how much dirt and water you blast through.

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The ATX-100 Radio Transmitter and ARX-100 Radio Reciever will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style Radio Transmitter.
Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.

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This high-quality composite chassis is designed to provide a super-strong and durable platform for your ARRMA vehicle.

Easily upgraded at any stage with optional ARRMA aluminum TVP chassis plates that will provide even greater stiffness and strength.

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The ARRMA easy-access battery tray will allow you to obtain fast and easy access to your battery, whilst providing a safe and secure enclosure when the driving action gets rough.

Featuring a specially designed battery door closure system that will keep your vehicle running and your battery safe.

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This super-strong composite and ultra-durable steel diff unit will keep your ARRMA vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

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Ultra-tough oil-filled shock absorbers will provide your ARRMA vehicle with consistent handling and unrivalled stability, no matter how hard you like to drive.

Super-durable shock springs and shock shafts will stand up to maximum punishment. ARRMA shocks can be tuned easily with different viscosity silicone oils, giving you full control of how your vehicle reacts to bumps and jumps.

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A high-quality 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and receiver, wheels and high-performance dBoots tires, waterproof ESC and steering servo and a pre-painted bodyshell are all included as standard.

Please check the vehicle specifications for exact details of what is included in the box and what is required to get your ARRMA vehicle running.

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Fully waterproof ESC, steering servo and radio receiver box are standard. This means that hitting the roughest terrains, in the most extreme conditions, will be no problem. Rain, mud, snow, dirt and anything else you want to bash your way through.

ARRMA waterproof electronics are ready for action.

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ARRMA will support your investment for two years. With our impressive limited warranty helping to keep you running for longer.

Visit our Support page to learn more about this great feature.

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Designed to be fast, designed to be tough. ARRMA want you to progress your RC experience by accessing more power, resulting in faster performance.
With an easy to access upgrade path, allowing you to gradually increase the potential of your ARRMA vehicle as your skills develop, increasing your performance has never been easier. Follow our dedicated Speed Card information to better understand how you can go faster!

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ARRMA make it easy for you to learn what it takes to increase the speed of your vehicle. Follow our easy-access upgrade path and push your ARRMA vehicle to the limit, and beyond.
Parts shown in this vehicle specific Speed Card will allow you to safely upgrade your gearing, power system and battery cell choice as your driving skills develop.

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Equipped with super-tough black chrome wheels and high traction dBoots tires, your ARRMA vehicle will provide fantastic looks and awesome traction.

Pre-glued and ready for action, these high-quality nylon wheels and engineered multi-surface tires are the only choice when the RC action gets monstrous.


Vekt 5600 g
Dimensjoner 60 × 60 × 50 cm


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