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  • No crystals, no spot frequency selection, maximum security from same-channel interference.
  • Virtually immune to interference thanks to spread spectrum modulation, frequency hopping, and the encoded link between transmitter and receiver with more than 130 million codes.
  • You will find a detailed description of the system advantages of 2.4 GHz FASST technology on the FASST introductory page.
  • The transmitter is fully expanded as standard, with an analogue rotary knob and six switches; it requires no additional accessories.
  • Comprehensive software with mixer functions for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters. Includes all the essential functions that the advanced modeller really needs.
  • The clearly legible 72 x 32 pixel LCD screen, with extra-large dots, makes the system very easy to program in conjunction with four control buttons, the 3-D Hotkey and logically arranged software .
  • The software is present in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Ten model memories.
  • Digital stick trims eliminate the need to adjust the trims or store trim values when you switch models. The LCD screen includes a trim position display in the form of a graphic bar.
  • Integral H3 (1:1:1) swashplate mixer for CCPM rotor head control system (140°).
  • Integral Trainer system.
  • Integral folding stub aerial.
  • With charge socket, prepared for rechargeable batteries.
  • The stick units are designed for stick modes 1 and 2, and can be converted by the user himself.
Software list
Base functions:

  • Model select, 10 model memories
  • Model name (6 characters), Model copy
  • Operating hours (Timer)
  • Count-up / count-down stopwatch
  • Digital operating voltage display
  • Stick mode 1…4
  • Throttle function reverse
  • Trainer mode
  • Digital stick trims with variable increment
  • Servo reverse
  • Servo centre offset (Sub-trim)
  • Fail-safe (channel 3, throttle)
  • Servo travel adjustment (ATV/EPA)
  • 3 x switchable control travel (D/R)
  • 4 x Exponential function (EXP)
  • Idle trim with reverse (ATL)
  • Throttle cut
  • Transmitter control select for channels 5 and 7
  • Mixer menus for fixed-wind model aircraft and helicopters
  • Reset
  • Fixed-wing model:
  • 3 x 3-point programmable mixer with offset mixing
  • Flaperon mixer with differential
  • Flaperon trim (Flaperon mixer value)
  • Aileron -> rudder
  • Elevator -> Flaperon
  • Flaperon -> Elevator
  • Airbrake (ailerons as flaps)
  • Ailvator mixer (aileron – elevator)
  • V-tail mixer (V-tail)
  • Delta mixer (Elevon) with differential
  • Model helicopter:
  • 3 x 3-point programmable mixer with offset
  • 5-point throttle curve, Normal, Idle-up 1 and 2
  • 5-point collective pitch curve, Normal, Idle-up 1, 2 and auto-rotation
  • Hover throttle trim (mix trimmer)
  • Hover collective pitch trim
  • Collective pitch -> tail rotor mixer
  • Auto-rotation with tail rotor offset
  • Dual offset mixer for roll, pitch-axis and tail rotor function
  • H1, H2, HR3, H3 (90°) H3 (1:1:1) swashplate control systems
  • Swashplate travel adjustment (AFR)
  • Gyro gain adjustment menu
  • Governor (speed regulator) set-up menu
  • Swashplate – throttle mixer


Vekt 1600 g
Dimensjoner 41 × 27 × 12 cm


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