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Futaba 4PK


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Looking for the ultimate surface radio system? tired of the same big named brands not delivering the performance and reliability you are looking for? do you want more features, wider specs, more program functions? The Futaba 4PK Super R 2.4GHz is exactly what you have been searching for!

The original 4PKS was fast, but the 4PK Super R is 5% faster — a difference you can literally feel. Response is virtually instantaneous!

The Futaba 4PK Super R also boasts some unique new features including, dual ESC mixing for crawlers, gyro mixing for drift cars and two fully programmable mixes. The 4PK Super R also features a dual-compound foam steering wheel for more comfort and improved grip, a dual-mode high voltage R614FS receiver for more servo options, data transfer via cable between 4PKS-R systems for more convenience, APA adapter for more wheel positioning flexibility.

The Futaba 4PK Super R also offers both left and right hand steering configurations which can easily be changed by following the 5 minute process detailed within the manual provided.

In short the new Futaba 4PK Super R is quite possibly the most intelligent surface radio system on the market, offering advanced programming solutions for all types of surface vehicles.

• 2 programmable mixes
• Dual ESC mixing
• Gyro mixing
• 4WS mixing
• Menu select and direct select modes
• Anti-lock braking w/6 adjustments
• Racing timer
• Data transfer between 4PKS-R and 4PKS systems (DSC cable required)
• Dual-rate second condition
• 2.4GHz FASST operation
• 40-model memory
• Model select, copy & reset
• 10-character model & user naming
• Menu customizing
• Digital trims with reset & trim step select
• Assignable functions (switches, dials & trims)
• MC-Link
• Edit button & trim/dial locks
• Adjustable wheel & trigger position
• Left / right hand operation
• Trigger & wheel tension adjustments
• Mechanical & electronic ATL (brake side only)
• Display switch
• Backlit LCD with power-off alarm and adjustable contrast
• 7-color LED
• Boat brake on/off & engine tilt mixing
• Battery & throttle fail-safes
• Up/down/system/lap timer w/100-lap memory
• Channel 3 & 4 servo position set/check
• Servo cycle bar graph display
• CPS (channel power switch) mixing
• Receiver type/servo mode selection
• Dual-compound steering wheel foam grip for greater comfort and improved grip
• Built-in grip vibrator
• High-voltage & low-battery alarms
• Full Titanium Screw

Throttle Functions:
Servo reversing
Endpoint adjustment
5-point curve
Servo delay
Adjuster function

Steering Functions:
Servo reversing
Endpoint adjustment
5-point curve
Servo delay
Adjuster function
4WS mixing
Dual rate/2nd dual rate

Third Channel Functions:
Servo reversing
Endpoint adjustment
Brake mixing
Gyro mixing
4WS mixing

Fourth Channel Functions:
Servo reversing
Endpoint adjustment
Brake mixing
Gyro mixing
4WS mixing
Dual ESC mixing

Receiver Specs:
Dimensions: 35x23x9mm
Weight: 7.8g
Operating Voltage: 3.5~8.4V
Special Features: Pre-vision, dual antenna diversity (DAD), high-voltage design & automatic normal/high-speed mode selection for servos

Battery Charger Specs:
Input: 120V AC, 60Hz 5W
Output (Tx): 6 VDC 170mA
Output (Rx): 6 VDC 100mA

4PK Super R transmitter
R614FS receiver & switch
HT5F1700B 6V 1700mAh NiMH Tx battery
HBC-3B (4) 120V AC battery charger
32° wheel adapter (34° adapter installed)
APA (advanced positioning adapter) wheel offset adapter
Neck strap hook
Instruction manual

*Note: The 4PK Super R and R614FS are not compatible with FHSS or S-FHSS systems or electronics.


Vekt 1140 g
Dimensjoner 38 × 23 × 16 cm


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