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Cessna Cardinal 177


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The Cessna 177 Cardinal is probably one of the most famous civil airplanes and the Thunder Tiger model replicates the full scale aircraft to perfection.
Constructed using sophisticated ABS molding technology, the Cessna 177 incorporates wing foam inserts, a one-piece blow-molded fuselage and pre-joined ailerons hinges. Scale details are also outstanding with tail feathers, and faux shock absorber on nose gear. The model does not only look fantastic and impressive, it flies great and can handle all sorts of sport aerobatics.
If you are looking for a durable sport scale plane, here it is.


  • Radio Set – Transmitter (4 channels), Standard Servos – x5, 2 aileron servos can be standard or mini, Receiver, Battery,Foam, Rubber Band.
  • Engine – Airplane engine (.46 – 2 Cycle), Glow Plug, Glow Fuel (15%), 1.5V Glow Starter,12V Fuel Pump, 12V Battery, 12V Electric Starter, Glow Plug Wrench.
  • Adhesives – Instant setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (thin CA), Slow setting Cyanoacrylate adhesive (thick CA),10 minute Epoxy (fast), 20 – 30 minute Epoxy (slow), Zap-a-dap-a-goo, Shoe-goo or equivalent. Tools – Ruler, Hobby knife and blades, Scissors, Steel straight edge, Long nose pliers and diagonal cutting pliers,
  • Fine-point or felt-tip pen, Phillips and flat head screw drivers, Drill bits (1/16″, 5/64″, 3.4mm), T-pins, Rubbing Alcohol,Masking Tape.


  • Wing Span(mm / in.) 67.00?(1700mm)
  • Length(mm / in.) 49.20?(1250mm)
  • Wing Area(sq. dm² / 682 (44 sq. dm2)
  • Weight(g/ lbs.) 6.60 lbs.(3000g)
  • Req. Engine: .61 2-stroke .90 4-stroke
  • Req. Radio: 4 Channel


Vekt 1000 g


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