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Atomic Flash High Speed Boat Affectionately named «little nautical whippet» by Clair at JP after an outing down at our local lake and seeing these rascals racing around at 20kph!WARNING This boat is way too much FUN for just one person! Whippets like to race around together and the Atomic Flash is no different. Well apart from one loves the water and the other dry land, so grab some friends and head for the waterside preparing yourself for some great fun, you won’t be disappointed! In Control The Flash is a great handling boat and just a few seconds of full power will get her skipping on top of the water and awaiting your next command. The steering is direct and just a small input will give you a slight change of direction, the more input the tighter she will turn. After a few turns you will find Flash turn tight or with less steering input she will carry a lot more speed throughout the turn. After a very short time you should now have her under complete control and feel comfortable at the controls. If you do


Vekt 1280 g
Dimensjoner 49 × 27 × 13 cm


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